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    So why has my art gone to the dogs? If you own or used to own a dog, you understand how much they impact our lives. The silent bonds and stories we share with them inspire us to be better people.

    Most of my career I worked as a professional concept artist and art director where I visually developed the backstories for characters in games and film. 

    In between projects I started to paint my dog Rocky. Not to just capture a likeness, but to evoke what he represented to me:  Loyalty (he carried everything for us, including my wife's purse.) Confidence (his short legs and stature never limited him). Most of all,  to never doubt our dreams. 

    This last lesson was painfully delivered upon his passing in 2016. The night he died I began to paint the stories and personalities of other pups.  Giving the silent bonds and stories a voice. 

    If you would like to learn more about my journey Click the image below to hear my interview on the podcast Rescue Rocks!