A note from the artist

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen thousands of pet portraits before. Maybe you’ve even hired a few folks in the past who’ve produced results ranging from awful to “meh.” When I paint dogs, I do things differently and work best with people who:

  1. Value their dog(s) more than anything.
  2. Don’t just want to re-create a photo or slap on a filter and call it “art”.
  3. Want a portrait that celebrates your dog’s STORY & LEGACY. 

My process

1:1 Consultation

To make sure we’re a good fit, we establish a vision for the portrait. I dive deep into the relationship you share with your pup. The bonds we share with our dogs can be deep and personal.  I want this bond to live on in your custom portrait.  

  • You provide: A clear vision or story that embodies what your pup represents. This can be anything.  Only you know your dog best.
  • Outcome: I formalize the deliverables, we both sign the proposal, and you complete the down payment.

Once the art is finished you can order a variety of prints of your choice (canvas, framed, metal, etc. As well as any specific merchandise we design it for) will be mailed to your address.  Shipping takes between 1-2 weeks. 

Prints will be available for you to order on my website. 


What if I don’t have a good story about my pup?
I believe every dog has a story. I will work with you personally on establishing a theme or central story that fits your pup the best.  I WON’T just copy a photo of your dog or use quick cheap digital filters and call it a day. There are plenty of other pet artists who do that.  

Do you charge by the size? 

No. You are paying me to create a custom portrait that REPRESENTS what your dog means to you. Telling his/her story in a custom work of art. Prints are sold separately.  

What if I don’t have any good pictures of my pup?
While great photos help me understand the way your dog looks, amazing photos are not  always necessary.  As an artist (with your guidance) I can improvise on capturing your dog’s likeness.  Sometimes not having a “perfect photo” results in an even better portrait.  Remember, I don’t recreate photos.  I paint stories.

Want Sean to illustrate your dog’s story?